Most people know that they need to change the filters on their air conditioning system on an ongoing basis.  Changing your filters could be a waste of time if you do not disassemble the sheet metal cover of your furnace, remove the evaporator coil and clean it.

The US Department of Energy recommends you inspect your coil a minimum of once per year and keep it clean. When your system is in operatioin, air passes through the filter and over the coil.  Some people say your coil looks something like a radiator. Its a network of coils. Not even the best filters can stop all the dust and particles from reaching your evaporative coil. Over time, these particles and dust adhere to your coils surface. It does not take alot to begin to reduce your coils, and thus your systems efficiency.  One hundreth of an inch accumulatin can result in a 20% decrease in your systems efficiency.

As debris builds up on your coil it becomes clogged. This in turn makes your system work much harder using more energy and increasing the pressure on the system. This increased pressure fosters breakdowns in your sytem such as your pump. the buildup also makes a wonderful medium to grow molds and bacteria…. and if its in your system it will end up in your lungs.